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The Career Placement and Tutoring Center embodies the mission of 鶹ɫƬ by supporting accessible learning opportunities, providing an inclusive and welcoming environment, and supplying quality tutoring, workshops, and consultation. We support student learning and academic success, as well as delivering career readiness skills and job opportunities that empower students during and after graduation.


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  • One-on-One and small group appointments in Mary Moody Northen Hall- Room N-119
  • Online with Peardeck Tutor- Access PearDeck in your Canvas Now! See Instructions below!

  • Come in person to N-119. 
  • Call us at 409-944-1399 to schedule over the phone.
  • Email Us Here
  • Students; please remember to bring your GC student ID with a current semester sticker to show you are currently enrolled. 

  •  English 
  • Calculus 1 
  • Physics 1
  • Chemistry 1 & 2
  • Developmental Math
  • Pre and College Algebra
  • History
  • Government
  • Speech
  • Biology
  • Psychology

ALL subjects not offered in person are available through TUTORME, our FREE virtual online tuturing platform, available to all GC students through Canvas.

Can't make it to in person tutoring? Get connected with an expert tutor in Pear Deck Tutor’s Lesson Space in Canvas! Follow These Steps:

  • Log in to Canvas​
  • Find the Pear Deck logo (in the left side navigation bar)
  •  Click “Connect with a Live Tutor”​
  • Type and select the subject you need help with​
  • Write or copy/paste a short description of the assignment or problem you’re trying to solve​
  • Click submit and you will be connected to a live tutor in less than 60 seconds!

ALL GC courses are offered through TutorMe, excluding advanced Radiology.


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Barbara Willis

Barbara Willis graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a BS in K-12 Math Education, specializing in remediation education and methods to help people who struggle with math. Rather than earning a Master’s degree, she chose to take multiple classes and workshops to learn new ways to help students who struggle with basic math and algebra concepts, as well as other learning disabilities from Texas Tech, Eastern, Emporia State Teachers College, Lubbock Christian College, and various Community colleges in the Panhandle.

After teaching in public schools for 32 years, she retired from full time teaching. Barbara has been an adjunct math professor at Midland College, College of the Mainland, and 鶹ɫƬ. Her area of expertise is in basic math and algebra, helping students who need a bit of “review” or patient encouragement. Her life goal has always been to be a supportive, positive teacher helping people as they succeed.


Earline Dunn

Earline loves education and teaching students the how and why of learning to become successful as they take on new challenges.  She graduated from Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas, double majoring in English and Fine Art. She was a teacher at Sterling High school, HISD for 22 years. She then taught at Weis Middle School after moving from Houston.  After retiring, Earline joined the Tutoring Center at Galveston College as an English Tutor starting in 2016. She has experience teaching for private tutoring companies and spent time teaching job skills to people with disabilities. Ultimately, she enjoys doing what she loves, tutoring 鶹ɫƬ’s finest and is looking forward to 2021.

Portrait of Eli Bivens

Eli Bivens


Eli Bivens has tutored and taught all age groups in various disciplines, including Botany, German, English, Algebra, and Ballet. Eli is a lifelong student and is passionate about equitable access to education. At 鶹ɫƬ, Eli tutors in English, Writing, Formatting, APA, MLA, and Biology. Eli is also available to assist you with studying skills and organization, as well as provide moral support or body doubling while you brainstorm or study independently. Eli is a patient tutor and believes that a curious mind and a strong will can take you as far as you want to go.

An alumnus of Sam Houston State University, Eli graduated with honors, earning a degree in English with a minor in German Studies and a concentration in Biology. After graduation, Eli moved to Germany on a Fulbright grant, where they spent 10 months working as a tutor to vocational high school students studying for their A-levels. Since returning to the United States, Eli has worked as a Carpenter Apprentice, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Mosaic Artist and Preschool Teacher. Eli intends to pursue their master's and Ph.D. in German Studies and Applied Linguistics, with the hope that their research will help narrow the gap between disabled communities and accessible opportunity in the field of foreign languages.


Portrait of Jesus Fernadez

Jesus Fernandez 

Jesus Fernandez has helped other students in math at various colleges he’s attended. At 鶹ɫƬ, Jesus tutors Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1 and Linear Algebra. Jesus is very considerate and patient when it comes to students and believes that every student can fundamentally learn any subject with the help of a tutor. Jesus recently took a break from pursuing his education to take care of his family, but he reviewed his notes, self-studied and kept his mind ready for when he would return to school. His life experiences have helped him earn and refine his skills, giving him a unique perspective that makes him an exceptional tutor. He continues to pursue his bachelor's degree in Computer Science while helping students and encouraging them to never give up.  


Joe Willis

English/Writing Tutor

Mr. Willis has been a tutor at the Student Success Center for the last three years in the areas of: English, History, Government, and Speech. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and English from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM (May 1977). He has a Master’s degree in Speech Communication from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas (August 1978). Mr. Willis has a number of articles and short stories that has been published in numerous publications. He has more than forty years of experience teaching students and enjoys sharing time with them.


Sean Beckwith-Ritter

Sean Beckwith-Ritter is a passionate academic that is enthused with helping others. He is a 鶹ɫƬ alum: graduating with an Associate of Science in Mathematics and another Associate of Science in Psychology. Currently, he is finishing his BS in Clinical Psychology at LSU of Alexandria. At 鶹ɫƬ, Sean tutors math disciples (from developmental math to Calculus), Chemistry, Physics, and the arts/humanities. He loves helping others grasp difficult or abstract concepts and enjoys sharing his love for academics. Sean is looking forward to helping and inspiring the students of 鶹ɫƬ this 2021-2022 school year!


Portrait of Xochitl Ramirez

Xochitl Ramirez

Xochitl (pronounced Soh-Chee) Ramirez is a Galveston Island native, Odyssey Academy graduate (class of 2023) and was a 鶹ɫƬ dual credit student. She is excited to begin her journey as a tutor at the 鶹ɫƬ Career Placement and Tutoring Center. As a member of NHS, NAHS, and PALs, Xochitl enjoys connecting with her community as it has made her who she is today. She hopes to graduate GC in 2024 with her associate degree in Physics. She has a strong foundation in math and is choosing to tutor Algebra, Pre-Cal and Writing. With a spirit of perseverance and determination, Xochitl knows that her drive is one of the things that makes her a great tutor. As an avid helper, she has enjoyed tutoring her friends and classmates and encouraging them to continue on even when the material is challenging. With patience and practice, Xochitl looks forward to helping GC students who, like her, are working to make their dreams come true.





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